Accommodation automation - online booking system

Accommodation automation - online booking system

The booking engine can be embedded in the website of the accommodation or an up-to-date booking calendar that works as a separate link that helps guests to finalize their booking.

Why is it worth it?

Accommodation agency sites can charge a commission of up to 12-16% per booking, which means high amounts per month. Even for a smaller accommodation.

Many hosts have their website but they also use well-known intermediary sites such as Booking or Airbnb. The own website means a booking option to reduce costs and build a more personal relationship with guests.

What are the booking options?

In addition to intermediary sites, guests also use the following booking channels:

• phone

• e-mail

• Facebook/Instagram

• your website form

The main problem with these channels is that they are often time-consuming and require constant personal presence.

Unfortunately, we cannot do much to automate telephone bookings. But we can reduce the administration of inquiries from the website.

During the high season, guests often ask for available rooms by email. This time the house is usually full. You can avoid this with an up-to-date calendar on your website which shows the free termines to the visitors.

If you have a calendar but guests still have to apply on a form, you have to confirm their reservation in a response email and cancel the available rooms on the intermediary sites. This also can be quite time-consuming.

But we have a better solution!

How does GoDirect's online booking system help?

GoDirect's booking engine is a room reservation system that can be embedded into your website. It is especially for providers of small accommodations and helps with the automated management of reservations.

Customizable pricing

On the admin interface, you can set different pricing methods. This means that your guests can book by giving housing units, the number of people, or even hybrid pricing.

Calendar sync

The booking engine is connected to the intermediary sites. Thanks to this, the guests get up-to-date information about available times. Within a few hours after the booking is received, the booking engine automatically cancels the free capacities on the intermediary sites. You don't have to worry about overbooking anymore!

Email automation

After booking the guests get an automatic e-mail with the details of the reservation, the amount, and the progress of the deposit payment.

User-friendly design

The booking engine can be embedded in a website, but it can also be accessed directly on its link without a website. And thanks to its mobile-friendly and simple design, it helps visitors make their bookings easily.

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