Build your own booking website in a few clicks

Get more direct bookings for your vacation rental and save money on commissions. No technical skills required.
  • Create a website in 20 minutes
  • Automatic guest emails
  • Coupons & Deals
14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Simple website, more guests, less commission

Your interested guests see when your guesthouse is available, so they're more likely to book When your guests know when you have a guest house available, they are more likely to book your guest house on your own platform rather than on Booking or other intermediary sites.
Convenient online booking process for your guests
Your website will have a simple and automated booking process to get more guests.
Attractive, modern website design
Your website will instantly inspire confidence and bookings
Excellent Google ranking without effort
Our websites are highly search engine optimized, so you can be sure of a good Google ranking

Host reviews

What hosts say about GoDirect?

Tulipános Porta

"Overall I am very satisfied with the service, the value for money couldn't be better. We have searched a lot of solutions not only among Hungarian but also European providers, This seemed to be by far the best offer and I don't regret choosing it."
– Zsombor
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Tulipános Porta

How to create your vacation rental website

Buy a domain name
You can buy a domain name for a couple of euros. Choose a domain registry and buy your domain. Hosting comes with GoDirect so you only need to buy your domain.
Register to GoDirect
Registering a domain name for your vacation rental usually takes 1-2 days. In the meantime you can complete the registration to GoDirect.
Upload data and customize site
Your vacation rental website will be generated from the property data you add to GoDirect. Customize colors and fonts to match the vibe of your short-term rental.
Connect your domain
Connect your property's domain name to GoDirect so that guests will be to access your website on the domain you bought. Our customer service team is happy to help you with this process.

Professional website booking system, simple, fast


  • You can choose between a monthly fee and a one-off package
  • With built-in booking engine system
  • Modern and customizable templates
  • Mobile-friendly and easy booking process
  • Excellent (SEO) search engine optimization
  • GDPR-compliant privacy policy included in the price
  • Our customer support is available in Hungarian via chat directly from the admin interface
  • No maintenance or availability fees on top of the monthly fee. The interface is constantly being improved and you can edit your website at any time

Traditional website - WordPress, Webnode, etc.

  • Contractors charge 800€ upwards for website development
  • Availability calendar available for extra money and with separate integration
  • Your website is still built from templates, which you have to pay to update every year
  • The data management prospectus can cost up to 80.000 HUF
  • You must work closely with the web developer to build your website

Create a website for you vacation rental in minutes!

No IT skills needed
  • Super easy registration
  • No coding skills needed
  • Real-time support
14-day free trial. No credit card required.