Premium booking website templates for Airbnbs and small vacation rentals

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GoDirect’s new booking website builder allows vacation rental hosts to create a breathtaking online presence for their property in minutes. We offer several templates and we’ll explore the premium template in this article.

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Premium template for high-end vacation rentals

Our premium template features sharp edges and an exclusive serif font as a default. We intended this template for vacation rentals and Airbnb’s that want to provide guests with a premium experience in every aspect – be it amenities, extra services like wellness options or interior design.

How to use it

Our website editor is available from Settings > Website editor. You can choose the Premium template in Website settings.

We recommend sticking with one of the serif font options since the template is intended to project a classic, elegant, high-end feel.

Something to look out for is the zig-zag element in which the image features a border on two sides. This border will use whatever color you select in the appearance settings. Uploading a graphic with this color present on the sides can result in a weird shape.

The CTA elements (call-to-action) which can be added to the bottom of the page use a dark fade to make sure the text is readable. Using a dark image here can have unwanted effects.

Color recommendations

If you don’t yet have any brand colors, you might be inspired by these colors we think fit the elegant vibe and the Premium template

Gold #CAB963

Pastel blue #818DAC

Simple gray #4C4C4C

Purple #9B74B9

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