How do booking and pricing rules work?

Turn on manual booking confirmation

Bookings will only be finalized if the host confirms them from the notification email or on the admin interface of GoDirect.

Booking process with manual confirmation on

1. You booking is pending email

  • guests receive it automatically after sending their booking request
  • the calendar blocks the dates in the request so that a new request can’t arrive containing the same dates (provided that there are no other rooms available)
  • the email is customizable so hosts can add deposit payment instructions for instance

2. New booking request email

  • hosts receive it right after guests send their booking requests
  • contains guest data and contact info

3. Your booking was confirmed email

  • guests receive it if the host confirms their booking
  • customizable

4. Your booking request was rejected

  • this email is sent if the booking is declined by the host

Booking process with manual confirmation off

1. Your booking was confirmed

  • guests receive it automatically after booking on GoDirect

2. New booking email

  • hosts receive it
  • contains guest data and contact info

Editing emails

Menu > Settings > Booking confirmation and emails

You can add your own paragraph in the text input fields. You can add paragraph text by hitting enter after the heading row. You can switch between paragraph text and headings in the dropdown. Emails can be previewed with the Email preview button.

Important: if you edit the emails every guest will receive the same email until you modify them again. It is not possible to modify the email individually, however, all the guest info and relevant data will be populated into the email automatically.