How do booking and pricing rules work?

Hosts can set pricing methods and booking rules like minimum stay length, check in days, minimum advance booking.

What dates can I set prices on?

There are three types of settings

Default pricing and rules

Default pricing and rules have no timeframe so they remain in effect until you modify them, or a season or features nights override them.


A continous period with pricing and rules applied to every night between a start date and an end date. Overrides the default settings between a start date and an end date.

Featured nights

Not necessarily consecutive nights which can be selected individually (e.g.: setting the same price for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Overrides both default and seasonal settings.

What booking and pricing rules can be added?

Booking rules

Minimum stay length

The minimum number of nights guests have to book.

Maximum stay length

The maximum number of nights guests are allowed to book.

Minimum advance booking time

The number of days that need to pass between today and the check in

Check in days

Check in is only allowed on the days specified

Check out days

Check out is only allowed on the days specified

Pricing rules

Per room

Rooms cost a flat rate regardless of how many guests stay in given room

Tiered pricing per guests

The prices change between tiers, for instance: 1–3 guests can stay one night for 50€ and 4–6 guests can stay one night for 65€.

Per guest

The price per night is multiplied by the number of guests.

Weekend pricing

Prices set for Friday and Saturday nights.