Sharing the booking website

How can GoDirect’s booking website be shared?

You can share your booking website anywhere with the booking link. The interface works as a standalone website, but we do not list other properties here – it’s only yours.

Where can I find the booking link?

Menu > Copy booking link

Where to share the booking link?

The more channels you share your booking link to the more traffic you can drive to your website which in turn can increase the ratio of your direct bookings. we reccommend the following channels:

Your property’s website

You can increase the chances for getting direct bookings with an up-to-date and easy-to-use booking calendar GoDirect is offering. Guests who find your website can conveniently book the desired dates instead of composing inquiry emails about free dates or searching for the property on an OTA in the hope of instant booking.

Facebook page, post or promotion

You can easily get bookings straight from your social media channels by sharing the booking link on your Facebook page or a promotion.

“More info” button on your Facebook page

There is a customizable button on each Facebook page. Paste your booking link there and guests can easily access your calendar.

The About section on your Facebook page

Any link can be pasted into the About section of a Facebook page so we reccommend using this opportunity

Facebook posts and promotions

Many rental owners drive a decent amount traffic to their own rental by posting in groups where people are looking for accommodation.


Instragram is not as widely used by rental owners as Facebook but direct bookings can come from Instagram too. We highly reccommend sharing your booking link on Instagram if you have beautiful photos of your rental.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a highlighted section on the search results page of Google. The data highlighted here also appears on Google Maps. You can paste a link and set it as a webpage on Google My Business so people who search for accommodation on Google Maps can easily access your rental’s calendar – a noticable accommodation seeking pattern.